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2021-2022 Application

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Sumner County Leadership Initiative Program Commitment

Applicants for Sumner County Leadership Initiative must understand, and the program requires a serious commitment on their part. The program consists of one two-day overnight session and 8 class sessions. Attendance to ALL sessions is expected. The board understands emergencies arise and will work with participants in those cases, at the request of the participant. Any unexcused absence may be grounds for dismissal from the program. Tuition refunds will not be offered. Instead, the participant will be offered enrollment into the next year's program.

Applicants who are employed are strongly encouraged to obtain their supervisor's permission (if applicable) to participate in Sumner County Leadership Initiative. Supervisors should have a clear understanding of the time commitment involved for participants.

Participants who successfully complete the program will be publicly recognized and receive a certificate.

Program tuition is $175 per person and must be paid to Sumner County Leadership Initiative prior to the Program Kickoff on the second Wednesday of September.

I understand the commitment required for active and successful participation in Sumner County Leadership Initiative and agree to them as stated above.

By typing my name and the date, I understand this will act as my signature of commitment

Thanks for submitting!

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