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Current Sponsors

Help us grow Sumner County Businesses in Sumner County!  You have the opportunity to become a Sponsor of SCLI and designate an individual from your organization to participate in the SCLI program. 

The Sponsorship Program offers businesses two advantages.     

SCLI, which is an extension of the Sumner County Economic Development Commission,  recognizes that many firms have personnel who are new to their positions and have not had the opportunity to become involved in their community or in Sumner County. These individuals have the potential to become leaders in their county's civic and business life. The Sponsorship Program allows these individuals to quickly learn about the county and develop an important network of colleagues from all sectors of the county.
SCLI also recognizes that some business leaders may wish to designate themselves. The Sponsorship Program offers these leaders the option of self-designation, thus bypassing the normal selection process. 
The cost to a sponsoring firm for this program is $500. Sponsors will be asked to designate their participant and have the participant complete the regular application form so we will have biographical information and an indication of their community interests. Sponsoring firms may designate their participant in any manner they choose. 

Sponsors will be recognized on the Sumner County Leadership Initiative webpage, on the SCLI Facebook page, and in all program materials. Sponsors may also be asked to be part of panel discussions about challenges facing Sumner County today and in the future. 

For more information about the Sponsorship Program, please call 620-326-8779 or email

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